My first post


As clearly stated this is my first post, so be gentle. The purpose of starting this blog was to find a creative outlet for myself. My blog will simply be a way for me to state my thoughts and opinions online. I started journaling when I was eight years old, I’ve always loved writing. Recently my friend suggested I start a blog and share my thoughts. To be honest it is slightly scary to put your thoughts and feelings out there but life is all about risk, amiright? I chose the name Life, Liquor and Liabilities because the moment I said it out loud I got those little shivers in my stomach that tells me it feels right. That says a lot about my character, doesn’t it? It’s a vague topic but that’s what my Blog will be about. As I keep writing who knows, my topic might become more specific, but that’s part of the creative process isn’t it. Just write the first thing that comes to mind, make it raw.




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