How outdated is our educational system?

Dear life,

What to do, What to do?

I have long since known that school isn’t the place for me. Not because I can’t manage it but because the educational system is completely outdated. Why do I have such a strong opinion about this? Because when going to school, you’re constantly told to think outside the box, to push the boundaries. In reality though how is it possible to think outside the box when every assignment you hand in has guidelines that need to be followed? How can one think outside the box when the guidelines of every assignment are there to make sure you don’t color outside the lines? Recently I handed in a paper following all the guidelines and supporting my arguments with facts, this should’ve been enough but the TA failed me because she did not agree with my opinion. Bit of a Dilemma isn’t it. Forward thinking is not achieved when one is limited to what they are allowed to think and not to think. Since the enlightenment period, our educational system hasn’t really changed. The world changes around us yet we refuse to change the system with it.  We understand more about human behavior; that everybody learns at different speeds and especially that everyone learns in different ways. I’ve been told many times that I should take Ritalin and I have, just without a prescription. But i think it is really sad that the only way I am able to get through an assignment is by popping a ritalin pill, effectively dulling my senses and turning myself into a zombie. How is that the solution? We should be nurturing our childish creativity and divergent thinking instead of subduing ourselved into a single train of thought.