My Next Step

I have a dilemma. This summer I decided to make yet again another change. It’s kind of a recent trend of mine to get me out of this long slump I’ve been in recently. I’ve been an avid sailor my whole life, I honestly can’t think of something I love more than the thrill of sailing. After three years of teaching in the same area, I decided that it was time to move on. I applied to various places but have narrowed down to two separate places. One in Victoria BC where I would be an assistant instructor in an assisted sailing program, and the other in Nova Scotia where I would be the head instructor in a small sailing school. I’ve never felt more wanted! BC is beautiful and it would be a wonderful experience and definitely rewarding. Do you sense a but coming along? BUT 😌the problem is that the association in charge of hiring me hasn’t sent me a contract to sign yet and has not helped me find an apartment as they said they would. And I would be leaving in three weeks. Secondly, rent is ridiculous, so is food and so is the air fair. So I would barely be breaking even by the end of the summer. Nova Scotia I’d have a place to stay with the locals, the village community is great and so are the people. I would be the head instructor and that shit looks great on a CV. And I would probably walk out of there at the end of the summer with a small margin of profit. 🤙  Annnd here comes the guilt. I told them I would take the job and I always like to keep my word but they are making it very difficult to do so. So I might bail last minute but what else can I do? Pass up an amazing opportunity in Nova Scotia when I didn’t even get a contract yet?