Where do I start

Nova Scotia, that’s a good place to start. As I was driven into town by a local, chit-chatting and making small talk, I look around at the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. You might tell me; wait, British Columbia is magnificent, imposing and majestic. All true, however, Nova Scotia has the subtle rolling hills, hints of oceans and that mystical beauty. Its a more subtle kind of beauty but once you spot it, its hard to take your eyes away. As I pull into town, I meet my landlords. Beautiful people who took me into their home. The woman looked like a gourmet chef and the gentleman was the kindest man I have ever encountered. He had kind pale blue eyes, a slightly larger nose curving downward and thinning short grey hair. His smile was the softest and gentle smile which lit up his whole face. The woman was a headstrong, opinionated, short woman with short brown hair and sarcastic quick-witted humor. I was given the basement and a key to my room.  I paid 400$ a month and I was provided with everything including her amazing cooking.


The people I met in this town were incredible, simply incredible. The population in the winter reached a maximum of 1000. the summer there were many more people because it was tourist season and a lot of people kept their cottages in Baddeck. Every weekend I would try to do something different. I went to go see the citadel in Halifax with Allan and Katherine. Which was horrendous. Allan would never shut up about is motors and Katherine wouldn’t stop crying. For what I could not tell you because she “didn’t want to talk about it” but when I would stop asking I was deemed insensitive…oh the oxymoron. Katherine and I initially became friends because she was also a young adult from a big city moved to a small city. So to keep each other company we decided that we would be each other’s bosom buddies. That way we could explore the bars around together without having to show up alone. Little did I know alone would have probably been better. I don’t understand why some women have to live the stereotype that people make of them. I mean come one. They aren’t helping the cause for all women.


At first, it was hard to get accustomed to, like any new place we try to find where we fit in. Luckily, I’m loud, obnoxious and mostly friendly. So I fit right in. They all took me under their wings. Two weeks in, on Canada day I met an older gent, 16 years my senior. At first, I didn’t give him a second thought, but as the night went on I found him more and more attractive. The beer helped. He was friends with a woman I met who is the most fun-loving riot I have yet to meet her equal. Then once that liquid courage kicked in I kissed him outside while we were having a cigarette. Maybe its the whole Nova Scotian charming way of speaking -so stereotypically Canadian- or maybe it was loneliness, but in that moment nothing felt more right.  Man oh man did this man know what he was doing. He wasn’t a shy little boy and there is something exceedingly attractive about that. Most younger men find sex dirty or are shy about you know…female secretions. Not this man. In the end, that’s all a woman needs to feel sexy.


What I loved most of all about Nova Scotia, was the purpose I was given. I’ve always known that I needed a goal or a purpose in life I just never knew which way to align my sights. I’m obviously not alone in this everybody needs direction. Some people are lucky enough to find there’s earlier than others. Kids who originally came to enlist for two weeks ended up staying for the whole summer. I’ve never been much of a kid person but these kids were awesome, and without the restriction of the dim-witted bureaucratic whiners, I was able to teach the way I wanted to, and clearly, it worked.


However, when I drink I tend to make questionable impulsive decisions. My next Fling was hands down, not the most attractive man ever. Baddeck worked like this; In Montreal, I would be a 7/10, in Baddeck I was a 15/10. It was Afghanistan to quote the movie “WTF”. This guy and I slept together but then he had the pesky annoying of falling in love and such things and when I broke it off he resented me. Unfortunately, he was the cook at one of the only pubs in town. He was no good for me he did a lot of coke and drank way too much. For me to say that someone drinks too much you know it has to be an excessive amount because I happen to be a lush. He made my life a little complicated but admittedly I didn’t make it any easier, as the day after we did coke together I slept in his bed all day because I was too tired to go home. Literally. Could. Not. Move. So he thought we were all cuddly and shit and then was disappointed when it meant nothing.


After that, my Coworker and I finally got together. He was a tad younger than me, two years to be specific but admittedly he was mature for his age. And also one of the few attractive men in town, if not the only. We were friendly all summer but nothing had come out of it so far because he was in a relationship… One he’s been in since he was a pre-teen. Way too long and way overdue. It became unhealthy from what I hear. I do believe that at that point it was impeding his ability to evolve. Think of it as caffeine stunting your height or wtv. Maybe untrue, however it was time to move on. I truly liked this guy and coming home was the hardest thing I’ve done in a while, I missed not only him but the life I lived. We still talk every day and it brings me some comfort.


Ciao ciao for now!

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