Back at it.

I haven’t written in a while, if the date on the last post is to be believed its been since 2018. I guess sometimes it’s hard to find the courage to write about yourself or things happening in the world without feeling silly. These past couple years have been interesting, like most early twenties young adults, it’s a quest to find something to do with the rest of your adult life as reality sets in. I’ve been so hell-bent on finding a career in sailing when in reality its a very hard thing to do considering it’s a seasonal job, and I live in the wonderful, free and slightly cold Canada. Doesn’t mean I gave up on it though, it can be a wonderful hobby and there is one thing I have learned going to Nova Scotia is that I am very good with teenagers.

So, since university wasn’t for me, a fact I found out when I went back, and got put on anti-depressants because it made me so miserable, I decided to study the art of being a sommelier. Perfect right?! I mean there isn’t much in the world that I know more about between boats and booze. Clearly I was born to be a playboy…

But then 2020 strikes a blow on the planet. It’s like the planet was asleep for a while, unaware that she was being infested and when January 1st 2020 happened, she woke up in disbelief at the wreckage that was running rampant and decided to shake a few things back into place. And so she should. Racism, a bane that has always existed yet somehow we believed had been put to rest, is at an all time high. Police officers, people who are supposed to be the ones we turn to for help and for order, is murdering black people for no apparent reason. Rednecks shooting joggers because they believe they are smart enough to figure out who the neighbourhood burglar is, their only clue which led to a devastating conclusion being the colour of the joggers skin. Real Sherlock Holmes these two fuckers are. ‘Merica Fuck yea!

It is honestly the fall of what was once a great power, and at its’ head Donald Fucking Trump the cheetoh who stings like a mosquito. And we are all witnessing the mass murder, racism and economic catastrophe this man has managed to ignite in the states in a short term of 4 years.

It is honestly discouraging to see what is happening around us all, we are heralding a new age- it was time- and no-one knows what to expect. Hopefully better days as we march forward, we have no excuse with the plethora of information and resources at our fingertips. But, humanity is a fickle bitch and who knows which ways things are going to swing.

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