Back to Nova

Oh, Nova Nova my dear Scotia. This summer is definitely different from last year that’s for sure. The vibe is different but I guess that is to be expected when you leave for a year then come back. At the same its a bit of an oxymoron because nothing has changed at all. It’s like time stood still and the last ten months never happened.

The kids are great, they’re so big now. Not going to lie a lot of people I hung out with last year aren’t back, have kids or are in relationships and here if you speak to the opposite sex you’re a harlot. The kids are doing great in sailing, Winning regattas, and making me super proud. This is exactly why I came back. This year is a lot harder, the kids are preteen adolescent boys with attitudes and egos. I have assistant instructors to help, but they’re young and impressionable so they lack authority. I am basically alone again. Can’t say I don’t like a challenge though, and these kids sure know how to give me one that’s for sure.

Nova Scotia is still as beautiful as I remembered it, even ten months passed it still takes my breath away. Sure, some of the scenery seems familiar now but every time I think of it and see the large expanse of greenery my heart skips a beat. There’s nothing quite like the eeriness and mysteries that are offered by the Nova Scotian Wildlife.

We all remember the shy fellow who hooked up with the chick from Ottawa. Well turns out he is going to be my new roommate because the person I was supposed to stay with Fucked me over. “no smoking, No Boys, And barely any alcohol.” As if. On what planet is that even achievable. Also turns out she would’ve been my boss. She also tripled rent last minute so I decided to stay with the dude. It was alright he pretty much kept to himself and I went along and did my own thing which was nice. Tried not to be hung up on the events of the past summer which left a pretty huge impact on me.

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