Unecessary Pressure

I’ve been hearing a lot about suicide, depression, and anxiety recently. My firm belief is that this is a result of our society. Why do you say? Well, first off, we set unrealistic standards and pressure for our generation which cannot always be met. At a young age, we are told that we can accomplish anything we set our minds too as long as we just believe. This is bullshit. We can accomplish anything we LOVE and are PASSIONATE  about as long as we just PURSUE it. That is the detrimental difference no one wants to tell their children. None of us are unique, not all of us will change the world, but what we can do is make a small difference in the lives of the people we love. The small circle we believe in. To make a large impact on the world isn’t something all of us can do, and its circumstantial as well. Our goal to make our mark in the world doesn’t have to be as large as Luther King. It can be as small as making a difference in the circle of people you surround yourself with. That in and of itself is a huge deal and something not everybody can achieve.

However, my generation is taught that they can change the world. false. You can be who you want to be because our forefathers fought for that right. But to believe that you will be the catalyst within your generation is unrealistic as there is only one per lifetime. And I believe that this pressure is being pilled on to kids, and if they do not comply and or fulfill the prophecy that their parents believe they will fill leads them down a dark path. Because hard reality hits them and they are not content with being normal, or average. which at the end of the day is what we all are. It’s an amazing thing to shoot for those stars, but not everyone can. As a result, the emotional and mental toll it can take on a person when they realize that they are not special or unique can severely impact their mental and emotional health.

We are also told, go to school, get straight A’s and your life will work out. Deviate from this path and you are doomed to be a garbage man. Not everybody can be good in school. I know I’m not. Not because they don’t have the intelligence but because not everybody can sit in a classroom for hours on end listening to the words of a single chump at the front of the class. We are constantly stimulated, bombarded by ads and change and flashy lights. This, as a result, makes our attention span very limited. Enter ADD and ADHD. I do believe this is a condition, however, I think we are better off without it. What happens when we graduate, are we to keep taking it for the rest of our lives? Likely, once we graduate we are doomed to a 9-5 job just as boring surrounded by the same four walls. If our system was modified to concentrate more on action and less theory, the success rate might increase, and thus the suicide and depression rate might decrease. We shouldn’t have to become zombies to be able to concentrate. With all this added unnecessary pressure, without a university degree, one will still succeed. And those with the university degree will too, but the kicker is it might not even be in your field.

One thought on “Unecessary Pressure

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